GRE Reasoning Skills Success

GRE Reasoning Skills Success

  • LESSON 1 Critical Thinking and Reasoning Skills 
  • LESSON 2 Problem-Solving Strategies 
  • LESSON 3 Thinking vs. Knowing 
  • LESSON 4 Who Makes the Claim? 
  • LESSON 5 Partial Claims and Half-Truths 
  • LESSON 6 What’s in a Word? 
  • LESSON 7 Working with Arguments 
  • LESSON 8 Evaluating Evidence 
  • LESSON 9 Recognizing a Good Argument 
  • LESSON 10 Putting It All Together 
  • LESSON 11 Logical Fallacies: Appeals to Emotion 
  • LESSON 12 Logical Fallacies: The Impostors 
  • LESSON 13 Logical Fallacies: Distracters and Distorters 
  • LESSON 14 Why Did It Happen? 
  • LESSON 15 Inductive Reasoning 
  • LESSON 16 Jumping to Conclusions 
  • LESSON 17 Inductive Reasoning 
  • LESSON 18 Numbers Never Lie 
  • LESSON 19 Problem Solving Revisited 
  • LESSON 20 Putting It All Together  

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